Organization and Rules

Updated at NFU Congress 28.01.2024
1. Nordic Championships

1.1. Every year Nordic championships shall be arranged on all weapons for both women and men, U17, U20, seniors and veterans. Younger age classes are optional for the organizing federation or club. Fencers can participate in the category assigned by the fencer's national federation.
1.2. The assignment of the Nordic Championships rotates between the Nordic nations interested in organizing the Championships.
1.3. The Nordic Championship shall be organized in accordance with the FIE rules with the exceptions presented in these rules.
1.4. The costs and proceeds from organizing Nordic Championships are borne by the organizing federation or club.
1.4.1 The highest allowed entry fees are 45 EUR for individual entry and 60 EUR for team entry. Discounts for dual or multiple starts are recommended.
1.4.2 NFU can add a 5 EUR fee to go to the NFU for both team and individual.

2. Participation

2.1. The Nordic Championships are open to fencers from any member federation of the FIE according to the national rules of the organizing federation. Only fencers from federations that are members of FIE or EFC is allowed to enter theNordic Championships.
2.2 In teams' events, the organizer may hold an "open" competition, allowing additional teams from clubs, non-NFU-federations or mixed teams to participate.
2.3 To enter a Nordic championship, the fencer must have a valid national license if such is in use in his or her federation of residency.
2.4 A fencer with citizenship outside NFU but residency in one of the NFU member countries must register for the Nordic Championships through the NFU federation and abide with the deadlines, fees and rules set up by thisfederation.

3. Entries

3.1. The organizer must send the invitation to the Nordic Championships to all member federations at least three months before the event. If youth championships are organized, the age groups must be clearly described in thisinvitation. The organizer must set the latest registration date at least 30 days before competition.
3.2. The host federation or club can accept late entries if the fencer's own federation accept this, without additional referee cost for the fencer's national federation, and with an optional additional fee for the fencer.
3.3. Women can only participate in women competitions, and men in men's competitions, unless categories are combined according to 3.4.
3.4. The minimum number of fencers in a category is preferably six. With less entries than six at start of competition, the organizer has the authority to combine categories to achieve a good competition. To award a Nordic Championship,there must be at least two fencers in a category.

• Juniors are allowed to enter in senior competitions.
• Cadets and younger fencers can enter in one or two age categories older than his or her own.
• Veterans are welcome to participate in a competition of younger fencers but under the same conditions as the rest of the competitors. Veterans can enter senior categories.
• No handicap system will be used.

3.5. The championships are organized for the classes indicated below:
Veterans: In veteran championships, the season is 1 July-30 June. A fencer's age is taken as the age at the end of the last season year.
The age groups in veteran competitions are:
a) Veterans 40+ years – b) Veterans 50+ years – c) Veterans 60+ years – d) Veterans 70+ years

Seniors: To enter, a fencer must at least be in the Cadet/U17 age in the season in which the competition takes place.
Juniors: Fencers taking part in Junior Championships must be under 20 years old at midnight on the 31st of December of the first year in the season in which the competition takes place.
Cadets: Fencers taking part in Cadet Championships must be under 17 years old at midnight on the 31st of December of the first year in the season in which the competition takes place.
U15: Fencers taking part in Championships must be under 15 years old at midnight on the 31st of December of the first year in the season in which the competition takes place.
U13: Fencers taking part in Championships must be under 13 years old and at least 10 years old at midnight on the 31st of December of the first year in the season in which the competition takes place.

4. Competition format

4.1. There are individual championships. The organizer may further decide to organize team championships in any or all categories.
4.2. It is the responsibility of the organizer and the Directoire Technique to ensure that the international fencing rules are respected.
4.3. There must be medical personnel present.
4.4. The organizer may deviate from the international rules regarding the format of the tournaments. It is possible to let all participating fencers pass the first round, and the organizer may choose to run two rounds of poules without any elimination, just as the organizer may choose to supplement the direct elimination with a repêchage.
4.5. The formula for team competition:
The team competition is to take place after the individual competition in the respective categories.
If less than 5 teams present in a category the competition is run as a poule. The result of the poule is then the final result. If 5 or more teams are present in a category the competition is run as direct elimination with a tableau based on ranking from the participating fencers'
individual result. The best three fencers' results are counted. All fencers in team competition that have not participated in the individual competition will be ranked 999.
4.6. Penalties should be applied in accordance with FIE rules. A black card should be reported to his or her home federation who may decide on suspension or other subsequent penalties. The head referee of the competition has responsibility to send such a report together with a summary of the incident.

5. Directoire Technique

5.1. The Directoire technique (DT) is appointed by the organizer and shall consist of three members. The DT shall have equivalent tasks and competence as the DT has according to the FIE rules.
5.2. The organizer shall appoint one of the members of the DT to be responsible for the referees during the tournament. This DT member shall have the same authority as that of the Referee Commission delegate or the supervisor to make decisions that are described in the FIE rules t.122.4.
5.3. The name of the three DT members and information regarding which of the members that is responsible for the referees shall be posted at the competition.

6. Referees
6.1. The organizing federation or club is responsible for recruitment and reimbursement of referees. Participating federations are required to assist in recruitment of referees.
6.2. Instead of mandatory referees according to number of entries, the organizing federation or club is allowed to elevate the entry fee (add a "referee fee") in the maximum amount of 50 EUR for individual entry and maximum 70 EUR for team entry.
7. Equipment requirements
7.1. FIE rules apply for veterans, seniors, juniors, cadets and U15 (FIE rules)
Except from FIE rules are as follows:
• FIE-blades are required in senior competitions and recommended in all other categories.
• name and flag are not required.
• foil masks can be used for epée.
7.2. For categories U13 the following applies:
• Jacket, breeches, plastron, glove and mask: Minimum 350N. FIE blades not required.
• Blade sizes: U13: 0-5
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