Statutes of the
Nordic Fencing Union

Accepted by the Congress of the Nordic Fencing Union 27.1.2024

The Nordic Fencing Union is a non-profit organization established 1993 to promote fencing in member federations. The first Nordic Fencing Championships was fenced1919.

1. Name and registered office and administration

1.1 The confederations name is Nordic Fencing Union, (NFU).
1.2 The registered office of the NFU is in Denmark at the address of the Danish Fencing
Federation (DFF)
1.3 The activities of the Nordic Fencing Union are primarily but not exclusively, based in the
countries of the member federations.
1.4 Nordic Fencing Union is subject to the laws and regulations of Denmark.

2. The purpose of the Nordic Fencing Union is to

2.1 promote the sport and increase the level of Olympic fencing in the member countries
through cooperation in sports and organization.
2.2 to facilitate Nordic Championships at alt weapons and for both men and women, and
other championships or activities that it may choose.
2.3 to promote shared views of the member federations in relation to other entities in fencing.

3. Organization

3.1 Fencing federations in the Nordic and Baltic countries who are members of the
International Fencing Federation can become members of the Nordic Fencing Union.
3.2 Any member federation can withdraw from the union. The withdrawal has to be made ata
Congress meeting.
3.4 Current members (2024) are Danish Fencing Federation, Estonian Fencing Association,
Finnish Fencing and Pentathlon Federation, icelandic Fencing Federation, Latvian Fencing
Federation, Lithuanian Fencing Federation, Norwegian Fencing Federation and Swedish
Fencing Federation.
3.5 The Congress is the highest authority of the union. Daily business is taken care of by a
board elected by the Congress.
3.6 The Signing Authority is held by the signature of the President and either the treasurer or
one of the two Vice-Presidents.
3.7 The working language of the Nordic Fencing Union is English.

4. Finances and Financial resources

4.1 Member Federations pay an annual membership fee the amount of which is set by the
Congress by simple majority.
4.2 The fee is EUR 100 (as of 2024) and must be paid no later than 31st March of the year in
4.3 The Board may decide to charge fees in relation to competitions and activities organized by NFU.
4.4 The Treasurer is a representative appointed by the president of the member federation of
the country of the registered office.
4.5 The Treasurer is responsible for the daily financial dispositions up to the amount of EUR
800. Amounts above EUR 800 has to be approved in writing by the President of the Nordic
Fencing Union.
4.6 The Treasurer prepares a budget and financial accounts to be approved by the board
before being presented for the Congress.
4.7 The Auditor cannot be a member of the Board.
4.8 The Auditor cannot be from the same member federation as the Treasurer.
4.9 The Auditor must approve the financial accounts before they are presented for the
Congress' approval.

5. The Congress

5.1 The Nordic Fencing Union organizes a regular Congress once a year.
5.2 The Congress is normally organized the day before the Nordic Championship in épée for
cadets and juniors.
5.3 The organizing federation of the Nordic Championship has the obligation to supply a
meeting room and other practical necessities to organise the Congress.
5.4 The board announces the Congress date at least 3 months in advance. At the same time,
the board invites the member federations to send proposals to be treated at the Congress.
5.5 Member federations send proposals for the agenda no less than 5 weeks prior to the
5.6 The proposals and issues to be dealt with at the Congress must reach the member
federations at least one month before the Congress.
5.7 The revised accounts for the previous year and the budget for the present year must reach
the member federations at least one month before the Congress.
5.8 Each member federation has one vote at the Congress.
5.9 The vote will count only if the member federation has paid the current membership fee.
5.10 The Congress is competent to make decisions with the number of accepted votes
5.11 In case of equality of votes, lots will be drawn.
5.12 Member federations are represented by the president of the federation or by a person
appointed by the president.
5.13 Member federations can be represented by another member federation by proxy. A
member federation can carry the proxy of only one other member federation.
5.14 It is possible for member federations to participate in the Congress by video link or
5.15 The agenda of the Congress must at least include the following points:
1. Validation of present member federations and proxies
2. Approval of the agenda
3. Issues regarding membership
4. The annuat report of the board
5. The annual accounts and budget is presented and approved by the Congress.
6. Proposals
7. Selection of the hosts of the Nordic Championships two years ahead.
8. Elections: The Congress elects the Board, which consists of a President, 2 Vice-Presidents
and a Treasurer and 4 other members, so that the Boards members represent all the
Federations in the Nordic Fencing Union. If a new Federation is accepted as a member of the
Nordic Fencing Union, the Board is expanded with a member.
9. Designation of the host for the Congress and decision on the date of the Congress two
years ahead.
10. Miscellaneous

5.16 The Congress is chaired by the delegate of the host federation.

5.17 The minutes of the Congress are written by the host federation and issued to the member
federations no later 14 days after the Congress.
5.18 If no comments from the participants in the Congress have reached the President of the
NFU within 14 days after the draft minutes were sent out, minutes are accepted and official.
5.19 Information regarding name and contact details of all the board members shall be stated
in the minutes.

6. Extraordinary Congress

6.1 There can be held an extraordinary Congress if at least a third of the member federations
calls for it, or if the Board call for it.
6.2 The date, place and agenda for the extraordinary Congress must be announced with 3
weeks' notice.

7. The Board

7.1The Nordic Fencing Union is governed in its daily business by the board under the
leadership of the President and, if the President for some reason cannot fill this function, by
the Vice Presidents.
7.2 The tasks of the board include:
- carrying out the decisions taken by the Congress
- taking care of the daily administration
- taking initiatives to strengthen Nordic cooperation in fencing
7.3 Board meetings is called by the President or when at least 3 board members requires a
board meeting.
7.4 The board makes decisions by simple majority. If equal votes the presidents vote is
7.5 If the numbers of board member present for a board meeting is below 5 members the
board is not quorum.

8. Dissolvement

8.1 The Nordic Fencing Union can only be dissolved by virtue of a resolution of the Congress
or Extraordinary Congress requiring the presence of at least 2/3 of the fully paid member
federations and adopted by at least 2/3 of the fully paid member federations.
8.2 If the Nordic Fencing Union is dissolved the assets are shared equally among the member

9. Changes to the Statutes
9.1 The statutes may be changed by the Congress with a simple majority provided the
proposals for changes have been presented according to paragraph 5.

10. Nordic Championships

10.1 The organizing and rules of the Nordic Championships are stipulated in the document
"NFU Organization and Rules of Nordic Championships" and must be approved by the Board
by simple majority.

Adopted at the ordinary Congress of the Nordic Fencing Union 27.01.2024
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